Fishing on Long Lake

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Fish Survey

(The survey was done by the DNR  The results are preliminary ones)

Rock Bass 36.0%
Blue Gill  25.6%
Bass  12.7%
Walleye 7.4%
Pumpkinseed 5.8%
Brown Bullhead 5.3%
Black Crappie 2.6%
Northern Pike 2.1%
Small Mouth Bass 1.0%
Yellow Perch 1.0%
Sucker 0.2%

 From: "Donald Fischer" To: "Kitty Magnan" Subject: Long Lake/Fish Date: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 5:02 PM
We planted 2500 Hybrid Bluegills and 2500 black crappie this morning. Half were put in at the DNR launch site and half at the north end of the lake. They were beautiful fish in very good condition. Most were in the three to four inch size. It was a perfect day to do it.

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