ARTICLE I.                                              NAME:

The name of this Association shall be:

            “Property Owners Association of Long Lake, Incorporated, Iosco County, Michigan.”

ARTICLE II.                                          PURPOSE:

1.     To co-operate with and respect the rights of all property owners, and to help secure improvements.    

2.     To aid in maintaining and improving lake conditions. 

3.     By assisting and co-operating with all existing subdivisions, all State and Government agencies for the benefit of all. 

4.     This shall be a non-profit organization, incorporated pursuant to the provisions of Act 327 Public Acts of 1931 as amended, and Act 284 Public Acts of 1972 as amended.

ARTICLE III.                                        MEMBERSHIP:

Membership in this Association shall be limited to Property Owners in subdivisions bordering Long Lake. 

Each Property Owner shall constitute one membership and shall be entitled to one vote.  Any member in arrears of dues for thirty days shall be notified that his dues are in arrears.  If no action is taken within six months, that membership shall be automatically suspended.  Members may be reinstated after paying back dues and assessments, if any.

 ARTICLE IV.                                                     DUES:

            The association shall be financed by annual dues as set by the annual July meeting, and also a nonvoting membership designated as “Associate”.  (***)  The Association program will also be aided by special assessments, when deemed necessary, decided by a majority vote of the members present at the Annual meeting.

 ARTICLE V.                                                  MEETINGS:

            Meetings shall be held the Saturday before Memorial Day, the first Saturday in July and August, and the Saturday before Labor Day. (*****)  The Annual Meeting shall be held on the first Saturday in July.  All meetings will be called by the President. 

ARTICLE VI.                                         ORDER OF BUSINESS:

  1. 1.     Call to order by presiding officer
  2. 2.     Roll call of officers
  3. 3.     Reading of minutes of previous meeting
  4. 4.     Treasurer’s report
  5. 5.     Report of committees
  6. 6.     Election of Officers
  7. 7.     New Business
  8. 8.     Adjournment 

A majority vote of members present shall be the deciding vote.

ARTICLE VII.                                        OFFICERS:

Officers shall consist of a President, one(1) Vice President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer, and nine members of the Board of Directors.

All officers to be elected for a term of two years.

ARTICLE VIII.                                       DUTIES OF OFFICERS:

The President shall preside at all meetings unless unable to attend, in which case the Vice President shall  preside.  The President shall have power to appoint special


The Secretary shall take minutes at all meetings, do all necessary correspondence for the Association, and maintain a roster of members. 

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of dues and special assessments

and shall maintain a record of all receipts and disbursements.  The Treasurer shall make

no disbursements except by check bearing his or her signature for amounts up to and including $1000.  All disbursements over $1000 are to be countersigned by the

President. (Disbursement policy amended at July, 1997 meeting) 

The Directors shall assist the officers in collecting Association dues and aid in any other

business in their respective areas.

ARTICLE IX.                                         AMENDMENTS:

            The by-laws may be amended or altered by a majority vote of members present at the

annual meeting.   

(*)  The dues were raised from $2.00 to $5.00 by a vote of the membership at the annual meeting in 1975.

(**)  The dues were raised from $5.00 to $10.00 by a vote of the membership at the annual meeting in 1989.

(***)  The paragraph on dues was modified by a vote of the membership at the annual meeting in 1993.  By action of the membership in July of 1993, the dues were set at $15.00 for 1994 for regular membership and $50.00 for Associate membership starting in 1993.

(****)  The Association was incorporated on August 3, 1978.  Its incorporation number is 712448.

(*****)  The meeting dates were changed from the first Saturday of June, July, August and September by a vote of the membership on July 3, 2004.

(******) The dues were raised to $20.00 by action of the membership in June 2009.

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