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 Long Lake Property Owners Association

          2018 Membership Form

 Full Name: _____________________________________

Spouse/Additional Party: ______________________

 Long Lake Address: __________________________________________________________­­­___________________       

Primary Resident Address: _______________________________________________________________________

                    ________________________________________   _________________________      _______________

 Phone Numbers:   _____________________________________    _______________________________________

 E-Mail Addresses:  __________________________________          _______________________________________


Dues (January 2018 – December 2018):


Fish Fund Donation:


Total Enclosed:



  Check here if you want your information in the phone directory ______

 I/We are interested in being a member of the: 








Board of Directors




Golf Outing Committee



Lake Management Team

(Water Quality, Weed Control)




Boater Safety Committee



Communications Committee

     (Newsletter, Website)




Youth Fishing Committee



Fish Committee




Social Committee



Township Liaison




Run-Like-Hale Committee



Boat Parade Committee









               Mail completed form with check or money order to:

  Long Lake Property Owners Association

P.O. Box 276

Long Lake, MI  48743

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